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Sour Tsunami


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Sour Tsunami

It is identifiable by its dense, dark green buds which have dark green leaves. You may even spot purple tinges on the leaves. As you might expect given its background, Sour Tsunami has a scent of diesel, but you are also rewarded with slightly sweet undertones.

There is also a hint of diesel in play when you smoke this strain, and the citrus, pine and woody traces provide you with a unique experience. Buy Sour Tsunami Hemp Flower

Tsunami also has a detailed terpene profile. As you may know, a plant’s terpenes are responsible for its scent, but they also have potential medical benefits. The main terpenes in S. Tsunami are Myrcene, Pinene, and Terpinolene.
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Grow Information Of this Strain

It is best if you are an experienced grower when trying to cultivate this strain. It is a strain that produces numerous phenotypes. In fact, it is believed that you only have a 25% chance of growing CBD-rich bud from seed.

After the plants have been growing for about 3-4 weeks (before flowering), take samples from the plants and analyze them to see if they are producing lots of CBD. If they are, we recommend taking cuttings to use as clones for future harvests.
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