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Kurvana ASCND Cartridges




83 / 100

Buy Kurvana ASCND Cartridges

Kurvana ascnd cartridges deliver some of the highest quality oil in California. Kurvana ASCND refines their concentrates to a point of super high-potency using flowers from a single source in each batch. Buy Kurvana ASCND Cartridges

Our only suggestions are to switch the outer plastic tube out to a glass one and lower the price.

ASCND is a culmination of the latest extraction science, advanced device technology, and their full-spectrum oil for the purest expression of potency and quality. Buy Kurvana ASCND Cartridges

Secondly, The kurvana carts originated from a small, in-house project to create the most potent vape cartridge available without sacrificing purity or taste.

moreover Because of its highly potent cannabis oils yield subtle taste profiles,

the ASCND profiles are mellow and light. Do not be misled by ASCND’s delicate taste and elegant device.

With cannabinoid potencies reaching 95%, its effects are instant and intense.

Also, With a sub-par product in their early beginnings, it now seeks redemption in a brand new cartridge.

A new cartridge needs a new name and they call it the Kurvana ASCND. which comes with kurvana battery, That’s short for ASCEND, a name which implies a trip to the top side of the clouds.

Kurvana ASCND cartridges own the popular spotlight but are they as good as the hype suggests? Find out in DabConnection’s full review and see why it made our list for the best THC vape cartridges in CA.

kurvana kpen has the following characteristics;

firstly, Super High-Potency secondly, Pure, High-Quality Concentrate thirdly, Delicious True To Strain Flavor also, Efficient CTEC Coil Heating System Informative, Tamper-Proof Packaging Kurvana ASCND Cons:
firstly, High Price Tag secondly, Plastic Mouthpiece & Tube

Recommendations: Kurvana ASCND cartridge comes close to perfection in a cartridge. however, One concern is the 510 threads, which did not smoothly fit our Vessel Battery. This could be a manufacturing defect. Kurvana uses a plastic tube and mouthpiece, which could warp if left in the heat.

Kurvana ASCND Amnesia Haze sits at 90.65% THC & 0.46% CBD
With effects that set in so strong, it’s no surprise the THC level is that high. We can’t say Kurvana doesn’t warn us! Each cartridge of ASCND Amnesia Haze comes with a small percentage of CBD and nothing else. These levels of THC are a result of the highest quality flower as well as the Kurvana purification process

ASCND Cartridges flavors:
The Kurvana ASCND vape cartridge offers high-quality, full-spectrum extracts in the latest ceramic heating technology. Our collection of ascnd cartridges boasts the advanced technology and impeccable quality that these products are revered for.

Those who are interested in a heavy cannabinoid that provides a strong buzz and delicate taste shouldn’t miss these products, and Kurvana ASCND cartridges are no exception. Their highly potent oils, subtle taste profiles, and elegant construction are sure to be an instant favorite.

lunar OG (indica) :
A sharp, minerally OG hits the forefront of your tastebuds, followed by a hint of lemon to help you unwind.

northen lights (indica) :
A deeply floral breath of fresh mountain air that raises your mental altitude.

purple punch (indica) :
A deep taste of sweet, sticky OG and grape candy that gradually leaves you in a calm and pleasant mindset.

mimosa (hybrid):
Soothing citrus notes that provide a balanced level of comfort, reminiscent of a relaxing brunch with friends.

pink sharbert (hybrid):
A refreshing blend of strawberry and banana that cuts through mental fogginess with zesty herbal notes.

C Jack (sativa):
An instantly recognizable and sharp aroma that establishes a classic sativa jolt. Buy Kurvana ASCND Cartridges

cactus cooler (sativa),
Invigorating desert fruit flavors meld with a heady kush aftertaste.

high fashion (sativa), Sweet and effervescent with notes of red berry, delivering a relaxed yet euphoric head change. key lime (sativa), A mild lime flavor with both sweet and smoky aromas, enhance energy levels and uplift mood.Buy Kurvana ASCND Cartridges tangie dream (sativa) , The complementary taste of orange peel and sweet citrus oils offer a stimulating experience.

firstly, blacberry kush (indica) secondly, master OG (indica) thirdly, Original Blueberry (indica) also, true OG (indica) grapefruit kush (hybrid) G.S Cookies (hybrid) blue dream (sativa) jack herer (sativa) pineapple express (sativa) sour diesel (sativa) KURVANA CBD FLAVORS.

firstly, sunset tea 2:1 (infused indica) secondly, banana smoothie 1:1 (infused hybrid) thirdly, lemongrass (infused hybrid) also, cranberry orange (infused sativa) Eucalyptus mint (infused sativa)