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Once you purchase a good from our site, Kush delivery is carried out  by our stand by team who is always ready to transport your products to what ever location of your choice.

Once your payment is received, we ensure that your Kush delivery  reaches you as quick and as soon as possible.

Reliable Payment

We offer several payment methods so that our customers have many ways to pay and feel comfortable that their product will reach them in one piece.

Payments is very important both for us and for our clients. the Kush delivery is  delivered after payment is received from the clients.


Kush delivery

Bother Less about your Delivery

kushonline.store offers  strains of marijuana: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. Indica weed strains produce a general feeling of relaxation throughout the body and a drowsy, mellow mood associated with stress relief. Indica can be used to relieve pain, insomnia, Multiple Sclerosis, and Parkinson’s Disease.

Once we receive payment from clients, we intend send them a “Received confirmation Message” IMMEDIATELY, to assure them they will received their Kush delivery.

We also give a notification e-mail and we also advice clients to get to us through the contact form in the CONTACT US page in case they have uncertainties or misunderstandings.

With us,  you get grade A weed delivered right to your door. We aim to maintain high standards so that you can find your preferred strain of high quality marijuana, with reliable dosing, online quickly, easily, and affordably.